The Founders of The Ida Pruitt Scholarship Project:
Marjorie King, Ph.D., Mamoru Yamaguchi, and Liu Guozhong

Marjorie King and Momoru Yamaguchi

Lui Guozhong

Dr. Marjorie King was recently a visiting scholar in the Department of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona. Her research focus was American religious and secular reform in late 19th-20th century China and the revived Chinese industrial cooperatives.

Dr. King has published on American missionary women, the Rockefeller Foundation's Peking Union Medical College, and the American Committee for the Promotion of the Chinese Industrial Cooperatives.

Dr. King's latest book on Ida Pruitt can be found here

Dr. King's latest letter (April, 2006) regarding the school is here.

Interview with Dr. King

Liu Guozhong, was born on Nov 21st, 1968. In 1989 he graduated from Gansu Agriculture University and went to work at Shandan Bailie school where he was a horticulture teacher from 1989 to 1995. He was the head teacher of the class.

In 1995 he studied forestry in Fletcher Challenge Forests in New Zealand. From 1997--1999 he was the Manager of Shandan Bailie School Farm. In 2000-2001 he was Assistant Headmaster, mainly in agriculture extension in Shandan rural area.

In 2002, as a Rewi Alley scholar, Mr. Guozhong studied Agriculture at Massey University in New Zealand. In 2003--2005, he was Assistant Headmaster of SBS, mainly in charge of school foreign affairs, and teaching. In 2005, he participated in a Cooperative Training Project in Sichuan as ICCIC project officer.

Then in 2006 he was Vice General Secretary of ICCIC and Manager of the CCA-ICCIC Cooperative to Reduce Poverty in Rural China. He was also involved in some of the school’s foreign affairs.

Dear donors to the Ida Pruitt Scholarship Project at the Shandan Bailie School,

After great difficulty setting up the account for the girls at a local Gansu provincial bank, the money finally reached them. You will see by the following letter by the headmaster how much your donation has helped these students. (Please go here to read the headmaster's letter..)

I will be traveling to Shandan to meet the students before their school lets out for the summer on July 7. I'll write up and send to you a detailed report about the girls, the school, and the general conditions in Gansu province. Your suggestions, questions and comments beforehand will help to improve the quality of my report. Please feel free to write to me at any time.

If you would like to read more about Ida Pruitt, my biography of her is now available. It was published by the Chinese University of Hong Kong and is distributed in the U.S. through Columbia University Press.

In appreciation,
Marjorie King
for the Board of Directors
Ida Pruitt Memorial Scholarship Project

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